Jim Stuart

I was literally ‘blown wide open’.

Jim Stuart, former CEO, Founding Director of The Florida Aquarium, Teacher, Coach, Perpetual Participant and Wisdom Seeker, Lover of Transformation, slowly learning the truth of the spiritual saying that “The way to do is to be.”

“The Deep Currents Course is a step into the future. Transformation is an individual thing – lots of time alone, a fierce personal commitment to spiritual practice, time with the sensei, more meditation and prayer, connection and nourishment from a community or sangha, almost all of this occurring right here, right now in the participant’s direct physical presence. Can the Internet phenomenon support, even enrich this time-tested path to awakening? Not so long ago I would have answered “Probably not.” Most Internet conversations, even those with video links, feel flat, one dimensional, shallow – often interesting, rarely startling, shattering, or deeply emotional – all of which are words of transformation, arrows pointing the way.

The Deep Currents Course changes that. My Day-to-Day Self, what course creator Barry Heermann calls my Bounded Self, was “shattered” when engaging one of the three minute David Whyte poetry videos. I was literally “blown wide open.” And it is just then when the “living waters” of transformation, always already present within us, can make their gentle and terrifying presence felt, and yes, known.

There are other chances to open and be opened: David Whyte’s original book, Crossing the Unknown Sea, with its archetypal stories, images, and questions; the Deep Currents Course, with its searching, reflective questions and extraordinary poetry-video interludes; your own deep journaling; and the sacred space that always opens in the phone conference calls, where participants listen each other into speech, and we are regularly surprised by what we say into this Magnificent Silence. And it is precisely here where we can and do Let Go and make ourselves available to Spirit that transforms.”