Deep Currents FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Deep Currents Questions and Answers


Can Deep Currents be used with dispersed colleagues who live all around the world?

AnswerDeep Currents has been successfully used hundreds of times with at-a-distance groups.


QuestionIs it possible to use the current Deep Currents Course as a resource for committed partners or couples?

AnswerYes. It is a useful resource for couples, or several couples, creating a cohort of six to eight persons.


QuestionCurrently the course is designed for a minimum of four people. What do you recommend for a group of two or three persons?

AnswerWe do not recommend groups of two or three persons, but it is possible. There is a significant diminishment of engagement and interaction as a result of the smaller group size. Small groupings of two to three intimate and close friends have reported positive results.



Deep Currents Scheduling FAQ’s


You recommend that Deep Currents sessions be conducted once a week. Is it possible to accelerate the schedule, doing two session a week, say a Monday and Thursday evening, over four weeks?

AnswerYes. We only suggest that you be sure there is consensus among the group to do the more accelerated workload of reading and journaling.


QuestionCan Deep Currents sessions be scheduled for less than an hour, say 45 minutes? Can Deep Currents sessions be scheduled for more than an hour, say 90 minutes?

AnswerWe recommend 60 minutes, as it is typically a preferred time frame for most people in terms of their ability to commit to the time and energy.


Deep Currents E-Journal FAQ’s

QuestionHow do I archive, save, and print  my Deep Currents Journal entries?

AnswerClick here to view a brief video.


Navigating The Deep Currents Course FAQ’s

QuestionHow do I login to Deep Currents?

AnswerThe original User ID and Password you established must be consistently used for successive log in’s. Your User ID and Password are case sensitive and keep your User ID and Password in a safe place.  A brief video explanation to come.


QuestionWhat do I do if the Deep Currents website asks me to login again and I don’t remember my Password?

AnswerClick on the Lost Password link at the bottom of the log-in area. A brief video explanation to come.


Deep Currents Hardware FAQ’s

QuestionI have two mobile devices (a smart phone and tablet), a laptop computer, and a desktop computer. Which do you recommend as the ideal platform for doing Deep Currents?

AnswerWe recommend a tablet and/or a light weight laptop computer as perfect platforms for people on-the-go who want ready access to their Deep Currents journal questions and Journal for making entries, or to view the David Whyte videos.