About Deep Currents

Are you successful and accomplished, yet feeling disconnected from your truest, deepest calling? Do you question whether you’ve ever truly revealed what you most care about?

Barry Heermann, Ph.D., Course Designer

Barry Heermann, Ph.D.,
Course Designer

Hello, I’m Barry Heermann, Ph.D., author, educator, organizational consultant, and the creator of the Deep Currents Course.

If you long to uncover what energizes, excites, and brings out the best in you, perhaps after years of fruitless seeking, read on.

Do you identify with these statements?

To outsiders, your life style and career are enviable. You and your family are esteemed by friends and colleagues. You may be earning good money, getting repeatedly promoted, routinely praised for your work. Yet something eludes you.

  • You intuitively know that you possess a signature way of being of service in the world that is yours and yours alone.
  • You know that when you are expressing your highest calling, even if you are not consciously aware of what “it” is, you feel energized, powerful and fulfilled; and when you lose touch with it, you feel powerless, small, out-of-synch, and diminished.
  • When you are feeling diminished and powerless, you realize that working harder, or more frenetically, compulsively, or obsessively, does not help you reconnect with your calling.
  • You’ve attempted at times to “break the cycle,” reading books, attending workshops, or taking vocational tests, but this information rarely provides you with access to your passion and purpose.

The solution may surprise you

For over 25 years, I’ve worked with and conducted research among thousands of highly competent men and women at AT&T, GM, NCR, Volkswagen of America, the American Red Cross, and numerous other U.S. corporations and non profits. With very few exceptions, these individuals have shared exactly the same experiences as bulleted above. As I studied what prompted the extraordinary amongst these individuals, and designed highly regarded programs to enhance such excellence, I discovered something quite surprising:

The secret to such exceptionally effective and personally fulfilling contribution is, indeed, connected to having a deep sense of purpose; but this purpose is seldom revealed through left-brain or “logical” thinking. Oddly enough, it emerges best when people permit themselves to shift into creative right brain thinking in an artistically and symbolically rich, safe, and nurturing environment.

I reported my findings in my book, Building Team Spirit (McGraw Hill), and later explained how they apply to individuals in Noble Purpose: Igniting Extraordinary Passion for Life and Work (QSU Publishing).

Today, after successfully helping countless leaders and professionals access their true calling, I’ve made my unique, transformative learning process available to all, in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by best friends and colleagues.


Introducing Deep Currents

The Deep Currents Course consists of eight, once a week, one-hour group sessions that promote self-discovery of meaning and purpose through three powerful components:

  • The reading of inspiring literature—in this case, renowned poet David Whyte’s remarkable autobiographical book, Crossing the Unknown Sea;
  • Personal reflection in response to the book, prompted by stimulating journal questions that probe into authentic calling; and
  • Facilitated peer sharing and support in the comfort of your
    home, a library, or your work place.

Hundreds of individuals seeking deeper life and career fulfillment have already taken this course. Based on their consistently positive feedback (see testimonials below), I’m confident you will achieve surprising new realizations, observable shifts in reality, and a new capacity to serve in the world.

Achievable outcomes:

  • Participants will attain an entirely new level of awareness about your truest calling in life as you read, reflect on and journal in response to David Whyte’s stunning prose and poetry.
  • Participants will come to appreciate how embracing your deeper calling affords you greater personal satisfaction and effectiveness and expanded service to others.
  • Participants will develop a support network of Deep Currents colleagues to help you reveal and realize your calling.


Read what others have said about the Deep Currents Course:

”Participating in the Deep Currents Course helped me move from cynicism to faithfulness, through the vehicle of connection. I now know, at an even deeper level, that it doesn’t matter that you are alone. What does matter is that when you are connected, everything matters. My work with Deep Currents helped create that connection for me.”

— Dr. Jude Gladstone Cade

“The Deep Currents Course was overflowing with profound insight and wisdom and yet it employed a simple, intuitive approach that made an important difference in my life. I have been taking courses that explore personal development themes for over 10 years, and what I loved about the Deep Currents Course is that, unlike some more esoteric offerings, it could be applied so simply in my life. The Deep Currents Course summarizes the most pertinent and meaningful insights, based on a guided study using the David Whyte book, all focused on living one’s life on purpose. The real learning comes from engaging the process and sharing vulnerably with class participants. My Learning Facilitator’s tender and gentle spirit embraced all of my colleagues and I participating in our Deep Currents Course.”

— Jennifer Blalock

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About David Whyte

David Whyte is a Yorkshire-born poet and a Fortune 500 consultant. Using poetry to bring understanding to the process of change, he has introduced poetry into such companies as Bristol-Myers Squibb, American Express, Boeing, Kodak, and Toyota, helping clients understand individual and organizational creativity and apply that understanding to vitalize and transform the workplace. In addition to his four volumes of poetry, David Whyte is the author of the national and BusinessWeek bestseller, The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America. He lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest.

— From the jacket of Crossing the Unknown Sea, Riverhead Books, a member of Penguin Putnam, Inc.

About Crossing the Unknown Sea

Crossing the Unknown Sea is about reawakening the sleeping captain in us before that soul crashes on the rocks. The book takes us on the holiest of pilgrimages—to the center of identity and the roots of growth. David Whyte…brings a new practicality to finding fulfillment and nurturing our deepest identities at work. This unique blend of poetry, gifted storytelling, and personal experience is wrapped in Whyte’s lyrically inspired and powerful prose. After reading Crossing the Unknown Sea, you will see horizons where before you saw only walls. This is a life-changing work about discovering and the shaping of identity in conversation with the world.

— From the jacket of Crossing the Unknown Sea, Riverhead Books, a member of Penguin Putnam, Inc.