1. Book


All you need is David Whyte’s best selling book, Crossing the Unknown Sea — Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity (Riverhead Books). Whyte’s accounting of his life and work serves as the basis for this insightful reading/journaling/sharing experience. David has introduced poetry as a tool for self-understanding and renewal for individuals committed to exploring the depths of meaning and purpose in life and work.

2. Internet

In the Deep Currents Course, Barry Heermann, author of the book, Noble Purpose, complements Whyte’s thoughtful narrative with journaling exercises designed to reveal new understanding about one’s truest, deepest calling. Barry is a gifted teacher who employs experiential learning techniques for revealing the soul of our true calling. All you need is internet availability to access the journal questions, the electronic journal, and periodic David Whyte videos.

3. Group Sharing

The eight-part Deep Currents Course incorporates deep, probing sharing with colleagues in the comfort of your own home or work place. Drawing upon your reading of David Whyte’s thoughtful book, your responses to journaling questions, and inquiry with group participants, you achieve new life/ work understanding. This inquiry with colleagues is guided by your group’s Deep Currents Facilitator.