Intro to How it Works

In the Deep Currents Course: You listen for the murmurs and urges that reading the Crossing the Unknown Sea book provokes within you. You deepen your awareness through journal reflections in response to powerful journal questions. You achieve new glimmers of your truth, prompted by videos of David Whyte poetry readings, interspersed with the Deep Currents journal questions. And you listen for the stirrings of the heart in your colleagues’ sharing during the eight, one-hour group sessions.

1. Read


1. Read David Whyte’s Crossing the Unknown Sea book

Take your time. Savor the wisdom of the tale David Whyte tells of his crossings. Pay attention to how his experience evokes memories and recollections of your own life/work journey. Make notes in the margins of all awarenesses, insights, and inner promptings that arise within you. Highlight those passages that most speak to you for later sharing  with your colleagues during class sessions.

2. Reflect


2. Reflect on the text and then respond to the Deep Currents Course journaling questions

Contemplate and then journal about any life experiences prompted by the journal questions, consulting your margin notes from Crossing the Unknown Sea. Notice any images, bodily sensations, or emotions that may surface, and include those observations in your journal entry.

3. Share


3. Share your journaling awarenesses with colleagues

Convey your journal insights, awarenesses, and illumination to your course colleagues through a 30-second, “deep dive” share. Listen for what emerges from others. Notice how their reflections prompt new thinking for you, sharing your changing moment by moment observations.

Deep Currents Learning Cycle

The “learning cycle” for the eight session Deep Currents Course: